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Belbin India - fully endorsed by Belbin UK

All Belbin Distributors and Regional Representatives are officially accredited by Belbin UK and have undergone an extensive period of training. They have also proven their expertise by successfully implementing the Belbin methodology with clients to bring about pre-agreed objectives over a probation period.

From Dr. Meredith Belbin

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"I am delighted that the progress of the Belbin brand in India is now supported by three key persons.

Leena Shalloe was born in Agra, educated in India and later worked for the Ford Motor Company in England before joining our Belbin UK training staff.

Ravi, based in Bangalore, impressed us on how well he had adapted our methods to India when he made a presentation at our last Conference.

Leslie D’Souza is based in Mumbai and again has shown a real feel for the relevance of our approach to teamwork within the context of India.

When I was last in India I remember being struck by its multi-cultural nature. Therein lies its great potential for reaching out to an increasingly globalised world. By learning from each other we will ensure that this potential turns into reality."

Dr. Meredith Belbin

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