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Fire, Toast and Teamwork

Fire, Toast and Teamwork is the latest DVD from Belbin. It acts as an ideal introduction to Team Roles, to be shown during team building sessions. It begins with an animated sequence to introduce Team Role theory, then moves on to a more traditional case study, where we see a team in action.

2 minutes 10 secs


DVD extra:

One of the DVD extras from Fire, Toast and Teamwork. Andy Taylor explains Team Role Theory including the work at Henley, strengths and weaknesses and managable and preferred roles.

2 minutes 17 secs


DVD extra:

Taken from the DVD Fire, Toast and Teamwork, Andy Taylor explains the Specialist role in detail.

2 minutes 32 secs

Meredith photo NF

DVD extra:

An extra from the DVD Fire, Toast and Teamwork. Dr. Meredith Belbin is asked questions (by his son Nigel Belbin) which include: What is the ideal size of team? and Do we need all 9 Team Roles present in a team at all times?

4 minutes and 15 secs

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